Noise and the environment

Noise is a major hazard in Construction and the built environment. This section gives teachers, tutors and trainers resources and ideas to help them to prepare, deliver and assess the topic of Noise and the environment by exploring what noise is, why it is a hazard, and what can and must be done by law to deal with it.

A practitioner at the front of a classroom explaining building materials to her learners

Planning for learning inside the classroom

What should you consider when planning to deliver the topic? Here you will find guidance on how to introduce and develop the topic, resources and research materials, and links to essential background information.

A sound level meter being demonstrated to individual learners

Pump down the volume activity

This section gives you advice on how to make learners more aware of the dangers of high sound levels. It includes an activity in which learners can use a virtual sound level meter in a variety of locations to measure noise and record their results as well as downloadable task sheets and activity guidance.

Learners discussing an activity

Considering the findings

This section suggests how the results from the Pump down the volume activity could be analysed. It includes exercises to help learners develop their knowledge and understanding.

Learners using a computer

Planning for learning outside the classroom

This section suggests ways of encouraging independent learning, with activities focussing specifically on noise as an environmental concern.