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Developing and sharing practice

Each of the resources is designed to engage and challenge learners through active learning approaches. Each one includes reflection sheets that enable teachers both to build and develop their skills in managing these approaches, and to embed literacy, language and numeracy. They are intended for teachers to use independently or with Subject Learning Coaches (SLCs) in managed continuing professional development (CPD) or coaching sessions.

Guidance notes for each activity can be found in this resource. They include:

  • background notes covering the topics in this theme
  • pedagogy guidance
  • suggestions for running the activities in this theme
  • associated handouts
  • reflection notes for CPD.

You will also find activity-specific guidance notes on each activity page.

To view the resources select from the themes below.

Teaching and learning resources

Learners using the lines of communication activity

Roles and responsibilities

"It tells me whether my teaching has been effective and whether I need to go over anything again - it changes my teaching style." Teacher, Guildford College

Learners in discussion

Materials and processes

"Learners who don't normally play an active role in the session were up and involved in the session." Teacher, Darlington College

Learners researching on the internet


"The activities were very useful in peer-to-peer learning."

"As the day went on and they were presenting more and more to the class they became more and more confident, at the end of the day it was almost second nature." Teacher, Devon and Cornwall Electrical Training