Teaching and Learning Programme

About these resources

Each of the resources is designed to engage and challenge learners through active learning approaches. They are also designed to inspire you to try out new approaches, reflect on their effectiveness with your learners and plan your continuing professional development (CPD).

To get started:

  • explore the resources; each resource contains teaching and learning guidance notes and a reflection activity
  • look at the examples of CPD activities using the CPD builder
  • plan how to embed the approaches using the Planning toolkit.
Teaching and learning resources

Teaching and learning resources

The key themes are:

Sustainability is a focus for the long term future of CBE and is explored through the key themes.

Developing and sharing practice

Developing and sharing practice

The resources offer CPD through:

  • a range of teaching and learning approaches
  • step-by-step guidance on using the activities and reflecting on your practice.


Unlock the resources

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Explore all the resources produced as part of the Teaching and Learning Programme.

Ideas and tools about how you can plan your professional development.

These resources headline 10 effective teaching and learning approaches. Find out how and why they work.