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Teaching and learning resources

Improving sustainability through the development and maintenance of our built environment is an increasingly important issue for our society. These resources engage learners in developing their understanding of sustainability in Construction and the built environment through three familiar topics.

Guidance notes for each activity can be found in these resource. They include:

  • background notes covering the topics in this theme
  • pedagogy guidance
  • suggestions for running the activities in this theme
  • associated handouts
  • activity-specific guidance notes on each activity page
  • reflection notes for CPD.

You might want to consider which of the following areas is most relevant to your learners and start your exploration there.

Learners using a card activity

Roles and responsibilities

"It was easy to see who spoke to who and we worked out why. I didn't really understand before we did this." Learner, Cambridge Regional College

Learners working in a group

Materials and processes

"I never realised how I could help by saving resources and making less waste at work and at home." Learner, Darlington College

Leaners working together on a computer


"I learned a lot about how the planning process works. I can see why you can't just build where you like." Learner, Ridgemond Training