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Materials and processes

These activities have been designed to encourage learners to think in depth about sustainable construction and their own environment.

Learners are encouraged to develop their understanding through being questioned, asking better questions and engaging in reasoned arguments.

Think about these

When you watch the video, consider how learners are encouraged to:

  • discuss and develop new ideas with each other
  • develop and share their understanding of existing knowledge
  • apply their learning outside the classroom
  • reflect on their learning and skills.

Download transcript (RTF, 70.1KB)


Full guidance notes for the theme Materials and processes (PDF, 170KB)

Full guidance notes for the theme Materials and processes (RTF, 667KB)

Where next?

In the Materials and processes card sort, learners are introduced to the concepts surrounding sustainability in the built environment using a card sort activity.

Opposing pairs of learners use the Carbon footprint board activity to explore and extend their knowledge. This activity makes learners aware of the impact that each one of us can have on the environment.

View the Materials and processes CPD builder and other Construction and the built environment CPD builders which you can use to support your CPD.