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Roles and responsibilities

These activities encourage learners to think in depth about the roles and responsibilities of the Construction and the built environment (CBE) design and development team. They focus on their influences and responsibilities in terms of creating a sustainable built environment.

Think about these

When you watch the video, consider how learners are encouraged to:

  • make requests and ask questions
  • improve and reflect on discussion skills
  • use experiential learning through role play
  • reflect on their learning and skills.

Download transcript (RTF, 45.7KB)


Full guidance notes for the theme Roles and responsibilities (PDF, 575KB)

Full guidance notes for the theme Roles and responsibilities (RTF, 7.19MB)

Where next?

Learners use a model to explore the stages of the design process in the Wheel of design and development activity.

Learners use video and card prompts to discuss the responsibilities of key personnel and their contribution to sustainability in The personnel activity.

Learners use a role play activity to understand how CBE team members communicate to resolve problems in the Lines of communication activity.

The Work placements template within the SuccessPlanner provides an example for you to adapt and share with your colleagues.