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Supporting your CPD
These innovative and engaging Creative and media resources can be used to support your CPD and help to enhance and improve your teaching practice.

Before you visit any of the activities, you will find it helpful to look at the How these resources can support your CPD section. This will give you information about the 30 hour (or pro rata) CPD requirement, and help you reflect on and plan your CPD.

Key generic themes
These resources can also help you to understand more about the following key generic themes and their importance for teaching and learning. Click on a theme to read more about it.

Pedagogy approaches
The Creative and media activities support and exemplify the following important pedagogy approaches, which are based on active learning.

  • Assessment for learning
  • Co-operative learning
  • Differentiation
  • Embedding literacy, language and numeracy
  • Experiential learning
  • Learning conversations
  • Modelling
  • Multi-sensory learning
  • Relating theory and practice
  • Using e-learning and technology

For more information on these approaches, for indications on which activities model which approaches, and for a set of the stimulating and engaging Talking teaching, training and learning cards for you to download, visit the Pedagogy approaches page.

Cross-curricular themes
The Creative and media activities also support the following cross-curricular themes. Click on a theme to find out more about it.

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