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About these resources

Customer care skills are highly valued by employers, and relevant in all subject or vocational contexts. Customer care isn't just about understanding and meeting the needs of customers outside an organisation - it also covers effective relationships with internal customers.

These new teaching and learning resources for Customer care focus on the skills, attitudes and behaviours that feature in good customer care, including communication skills such as active listening, effective questioning, adopting appropriate body language and negotiation skills.

The resources have been created with teachers and, crucially, with their learners. They worked collaboratively in national trials and pilots. They identified new ways of planning and managing learning, taking account of learners' experiences, interests and the wide range of environments in which learning can take place. Learners were encouraged to 'take the driving seat', to think about how they learn most effectively and to take more control of their learning plans. A wide range of employers have also been involved in the development of the resources to ensure that they foster the skills and attitudes people need to succeed in employment.

Find out more in the Customer care booklet.

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