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About these resources

About these resources

The materials in this resource are designed to help you raise awareness of the concept of the expert learner and stimulate discussion with your colleagues and learners about what you might do to support it.

The resource does not provide a blueprint for you to follow. Instead, it provides you with a conceptual framework, some illustrations of emerging practice and CPD activities as a starting point for your own initiatives. You may like to download How to get the most out of these resources to help you get started.

You might consider developing the expert learner in the context of your learner inclusion strategy or the personalisation agenda, but whatever the context, your aims will be to:

  • break down some traditional distinctions between teachers and learners
  • ensure that learners' views and needs are actively canvassed and taken into account
  • equip learners with the skills to learn throughout their lives.

Unlocking the resource