This resource is part of the Quality Improvement Agency's National Teaching and Learning Change Programme (NTLCP).

If you are an Engineering Subject Learning Coach (SLC) or teach Engineering, you will find a wealth of materials and suggestions that will:

  • bring life and energy into your sessions
  • enthuse, challenge and engage your learners
  • let you know how your learners are developing
  • initiate reflection on effective practice.

The contents of this online resource are explained in the User guide. This is also available as hard copy.

Making waves video

A video montage sharing the successes of the National Teaching and Learning Change Programme.

making waves
Learners working together

"I found that the resources re-energised our staff, and gave everyone new ideas."

Keith Cleeve, Exeter College

Subject learning coaches

This morning I knew nothing about Ohm's Law or fault-finding. Now I know Ohm's Law and I am confident about finding faults in electrical circuits. I'm really pleased at how much I've enjoyed today and how much I've learned.

Learner, CEME