Developing the expert learner

In this section, you will explore opportunities to support learners in their development and understanding of their own learning.

Two learners discussing a task

Managing group learning: introducing electrical and electronic symbols

Discussing a task in small groups can help learners develop higher-order thinking skills. The job of the teacher, tutor or trainer is to set up and oversee the groups in ways that encourage this development.

Two learners giving valuable feedback about the help they need

Listening to learners' thinking: mathematical expressions

When learners articulate where they are getting stuck, they are taking responsibility for their learning. They are giving valuable feedback about the help they need.

Two learners working together

Assessment for learning: magnetic fields and the electric motor effect

Assessment for learning can be an informal process that happens many times in a session. Different ways of generating feedback reveal the extent of learners' understanding.

Two learners engaged in a health and safety activity

Active learning: opportunities in health and safety

Health and safety is a challenging topic, but introducing tasks that involve active learning will bring the subject to life and increase the depth of learning that takes place.