Beyond the classroom

The learners from one work-based provider show how the links between the classroom and the workplace have deepened their learning and increased their ability to learn independently.

Two learners engaging in a work related investigation

Theory into practice

Learners in their second year engage in a work-related investigation. In their first year, Richard, their teacher, created opportunities for them to develop their skills by working on extended projects that supported more independent learning.

Learners enaged in a work-based project

Work projects that work

By working on a project of real value to the company, learners are highly motivated and enthusiastic about what they learn.

"Nothing inspires ambition, provides relevance to studies and enhances teaching more than seeing learning used in the world of work."

John Gibbs-Newton
CEO, The Industrial Trust


(21 KB) Theory into practice approach
This document outlines a suggested approach to help teachers/trainers apply theory to practice.
(32 KB) Work projects that work approach
This document includes a suggested checklist to help teachers/trainers plan projects.