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Challenging topics

At Level 2, many learners struggle to learn some of the concepts and Mathematics fundamental to engineering and may drop out in the early weeks of the programme. Of those who stay the course and move on to a Level 3 programme, many still need extra help to understand the basics.

When you explore the four topics below, you will find approaches to teaching and learning that will help learners overcome some of the hurdles. The approaches can work equally well with other topics in your schemes of work.

A learner samples the 2D3D card activity.

Using learners' feedback to develop resources: 2D3D

Feedback from his learners helped John Sekula to develop materials that transformed the way learners learned to interpret 2D and 3D drawings.

A learner samples the Ohm's law hexagonal activity.

Doing the maths: Ohm's Law

Learners help each other understand the Mathematical notation used to represent the different sizes of units used in Ohm's Law and to practise transposing equations.

A learner samples the Waveform parameters activity.

Working things out together: Waveform parameters

Learners demonstrate that, given the right stimuli, there is much that they can work out for themselves when they first encounter a new topic.

A learner creates a set of Multiple representation of number - serious dominoes cards.

Serious dominoes: Multiple representation of number

Learners play 'dominoes' with a serious purpose and in so doing, work together in revising some basic Mathematical skills.

Challenging topics

CPD builder: Challenging topics

Explore the implications of Challenging topics for your teaching practice and CPD