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Rethinking induction

Induction is changing. Emerging practice is blending induction into learners programmes. Learners are more engaged and there are reports of retention rates improving.

Taking a fresh look at induction, learners engage in new techniques in starting their study.

A fresh look

Make induction a memorable experience! Think about the ideas in this section and how they might shape what you do.

Listen to some of the common thoughts learners have during the induction process.

What they say about induction

Induction programmes get mixed reviews! Find out what learners say about them. Do you know what your own learners would say?

Teachers think about planning the learner experience.

Planning the learner experience

Learners want to be involved, excited, inspired. How do the contents of your induction measure up?

A teacher talks to his learners.

Learner activities

Some engaging engineering-related activities for learners to do in the very early stages of their programme.

A teacher talks to his learners.

Using observation

Activities can have a dual purpose. As well as providing opportunities for learners, they can also give you a chance to observe your learners. Find out how in this section.

Learners work through their programmes of study.

Ideas and inspiration

Interesting examples of what other providers are doing. How might you build on their experience?

Teachers contemplate the tools supplied to manage planning.

CPD builder: Induction

Share ideas with your colleagues. Plan the changes you want to make and then work out the implications for your own development.