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Welcome to the Information, advice and guidance section of the resource.

Information, advice and guidance (IAG) is an essential and significant element in creating a personalised learning programme that helps learners achieve their goals. IAG experiences can:

  • promote the benefits of learning
  • help individuals address and overcome barriers to learning
  • support them in making realistic and well-informed choices about their employment goals.

It is important that learning providers and IAG professionals work together with the learner to co-create their goals and learning plan.

Learner experience
In an effective IAG process learners:

  • experience an individualised service that caters to their specific needs
  • have access to good quality, impartial advice and support that helps them to understand their aptitudes and preferences, reflect on their experience of work and learning decisions, and if appropriate, challenges their ideas about work and learning (including traditional and stereotypical ideas)
  • are helped to think about their career future opportunities in as wide a context as possible
  • are encouraged to think widely about the world of work and to broaden their horizons and ambitions in order to find a focus for their learning programme
  • are provided with comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date information covering personal, social and career development
  • are presented with text in an accessible and user-friendly format
  • are involved in IAG activities and recognise the skills they are using in the process.

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