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Welcome to the Initial assessment section of the resource.

Initial assessment is a formal and informal process that identifies each learner's starting point. It helps to identify learners' current levels of ability and their need for support in:

  • reading, writing, numeracy and language skills
  • personal and social skills.

You and your learners will discuss the outcomes and use them to plan personalised learning programmes.

The learner experience
Remember, it is important that the initial assessment process is learner-centred. In an effective initial assessment process learners should:

  • experience initial assessment as a positive process which recognises their strengths and helps them to understand their areas for development
  • be engaged in meaningful and relevant activities over a period of time, rather than a one-off event
  • be active partners in the process with plenty of opportunity to voice aspirations and opinions
  • receive feedback that rewards and records their current skills and recognises their potential
  • be helped to find strategies to tackle their personal and social learning objectives
  • be helped to formulate their goals
  • be encouraged to identify, with their teachers, tutors or trainers, the accreditation outcomes that will help them achieve their goals
  • be fully involved in recording their initial assessment and progress so that they can understand the information and use it.

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