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Welcome to the The personalised learning programme section of the resource.

All programmes below Level 2 should have a personalised approach to learning and achievement that has the learner's aspirations and goals at the core.

A high quality initial assessment of your learners will provide information to help you plan a coherent programme tailored to individual needs. This should integrate the three curriculum areas of vocational and subject based learning, Skills for Life (basic and key skills/functional skills) and personal and social development learning.

Learner experience
In a personalised learning programme, learners:

  • make progress in the three core curriculum areas:
    • vocational and subject based learning
    • Skills for Life (Functional skills),
    • personal and social skills
  • are helped to understand and develop the vocational and employability skills they need for work and for progression to further learning
  • are helped to see the importance and relevance of their Skills for Life or key skills and their personal and social skills in the context of work
  • work in partnership with their teachers, tutors or trainers to plan how they will achieve their learning objectives
  • experience relevant and motivating learning activities
  • are helped to find their vocational focus by having the opportunity to explore a wide range of work areas
  • receive regular work placement visits from their teachers, tutors or trainers to give support and monitor progress in all aspects of their learning
  • are able to follow learning programmes that take account of their personal circumstances and needs; for example, remote learning, using information learning technologies or in peer support groups
  • understand how they will achieve the agreed accreditation outcomes.

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