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Welcome to the Quality and consistency section of the resource.

In a personalised learning environment, the learner sits at the centre of a range of services and provision and may be supported by advice, guidance and learning opportunities from a variety of organisations. Effective collaboration is central to ensuring quality of provision.

Learning providers are increasingly forming partnerships and alliances to improve choices for learners. A major challenge for managers and co-ordinators is to ensure quality and consistency of provision across organisations in their partnership as well as across different sections within their own organisation.

Learner experience
Where quality assurance is well-managed learners:

  • receive a learning programme of consistent high quality across all elements: IAG services, in the classroom, workshop, through remote learning, work placement and between providers
  • understand and use a progress recording system that is 'joined up' so that they can track their progress across different elements of their programmes
  • are actively engaged in the review of all aspects of the services provided and have a voice in shaping the provision.

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