Teaching and Learning Programme

About these resources

These resources will support and equip you and your team with preparing learners for employment and a successful future.

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Engage your learners

Employer challenges

Use the multimedia rich Employer challenges to explore the potential of IT in a range of stimulating contexts. Problem-based activities inspire learners to make connections between theory and practice.

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Develop planning skills

Planning toolkit

Try out new ideas for successful planning with colleagues and learners. An interactive tool provides support throughout the planning and reflection cycle, for use in any learning context.

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Enhance your practice

Co-operative learning

Explore a range of teaching techniques in the Co-operative learning area. These flexible resources will equip your learners with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

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Explore all the resources produced as part of the Teaching and Learning Programme.

Ideas and tools about how you can plan your professional development.

These resources headline 10 effective teaching and learning approaches. Find out how and why they work.