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This area features a range of resources to aid with successful planning. It includes:

Why plan?

A multimedia presentation in which learners, employers and employees talk about why planning is essential to achieving success. This can be used by teachers during continuing professional development sessions or shown to learners to set the scene for an activity requiring planning.

Getting started

An aid to help you reflect on your current practice.

Going deeper

Ideas on planning in different contexts and how planning can help both you and your learners with development and progression.

Supporting activities

A bank of resources to help develop skills in planning and reflection and aid you with the integration of planning with your learning sessions.

The SuccessPlanner tool

An interactive tool to help you and your learners plan for success. The SuccessPlanner tool helps users set goals, define tasks and track progress. It has been designed to allow users to collaborate and allocate tasks to different members of their team, but it is also ideal for individual work.

Where next?

Launch the Planning toolkit.