Thrive!: how to play

Select the version you will use - horticulture or agriculture.

  1. Each player or team takes a board with six different types of plot or field.
  2. Shuffle the plant cards and place them face down on a table.
  3. Teams take turns to collect a plant card from the pile.
  4. They try to match the plant with one of the plots or fields on the board (discuss their choice within their teams). They should use the information on the board and on the plant cards to help them
  5. There are then two choices:
    • Place the card on the chosen plot or field on the board. This is then 'planted'.
    • Return the card to the bottom of the pile, and collect another one. They may do this only once each turn.
  6. On the next turn, the player collects another card and evaluates it in the same way for another plot.

Continue until everyone has attempted planting their whole board. The winning team is the one with the most successfully planted plots.

Players can use the score card to keep a record of the reasons for their choices, and what they will do to the soil to help ensure plants thrive. This might help when they come to justify their planting choices.

Evaluating the choices

When a player/team has matched a plant to each plot or field on their board, discuss as a whole group the reasons for their choices, what they will do to the soil to help the plant thrive and how to manage the soil in an environmentally responsible way.