Welcome to Thrive!

Thrive! aims to help learners develop their understanding of the relationship between plants and the soils in which they grow. There are both agricultural and horticultural versions that can be used straight out of the box or that can be adapted to suit differing levels of learners and learners from other programme areas such as those on Countryside/Environmental programmes. In addition, Thrive can also help to develop a range of skills including communication and reasoning skills.

The activity involves the learner suggesting how to manage the soil to encourage the chosen plants or crops to thrive and justifying their suggestions. On this CD-ROM we have provided templates for both the agriculture and horticulture versions of the activity which you can adapt for your own learners, download and print.

There is also a collection of horticultural and agricultural photographs which you can download, print and incorporate in your own resources.

Go here for instructions on how to play Thrive!, some top tips, and three extension activities.

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To launch the content from your new location double click the file default.htm.