About Success for All

Success for All is a reform and standards agenda for the post-16 learning and skills sector. It is a joint programme between government, the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) with the involvement of its partner and stakeholders.

Success for All has three objectives:

Success for All has four themes:

  1. Meeting needs and improving choice by improving the match between education and training offered at local, regional and national levels and the needs of individuals and employers, increasing the relevance of provision and strengthening customer choice.
  2. Putting teaching, training and learning at the heart of what we do to enable providers to make rapid and significant improvements in the quality and effectiveness of priority curriculum areas.
  3. Developing the leaders, teachers, trainers and support staff of the future by creating an environment that attracts, motivates, develops and retains the very best.
  4. Developing a framework for quality and success by driving up performance through a new framework for funding, planning and accountability for the sector, based on greater partnership and trust.

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