This CD-ROM has been created to help improve individual learner management and in particular learner progress reviews in the land-based sector. You can use it on your own or in a group.

It has been developed from the experiences of teachers and trainers many of whom have adopted some or all of the ideas and use them as standard practise within their organisations. We hope that you will find them just as useful.

Your pack contains a number of resources to consider using with the CD-ROM:

  • a DVD based on a Continuing professional development (CPD) event that illustrates skills such as active learning and open-ended questions and can be used as a basis for your own CPD session
  • a learner CD-ROM containing an interactive version of Improve your own learning for use by learners
  • paper versions of learner resources to help learners understand the purpose of progress reviews and to help them become more active participants
  • a booklet presenting the background of the individual learner management project
  • guidance sheets which give hints and tips on different skills needed in progress reviews for both reviewers and managers.

The video, audio and interactive activities on this CD-ROM use Macromedia Flash Player 7. If you need to install this plug-in there is an installer in the plug-ins folder on this CD-ROM. Alternatively you can download Flash Player 7 online from the Macromedia website.

To copy the content of this CD-ROM on to an intranet or the hard drive of your computer, double click the CD icon on your desktop or from within My Computer. Select all the files on the CD-ROM and drag-and-drop them into the appropriate directory on your PC or server.

To launch the content from your new location double click the file start.htm.


Two women in discussion

About this project
Contains information about the background of the project.

Man and woman talking

Hints and tips to help you improve your skills in progress review.

Two men talking

Guidance on how managers can support reviewers and suggested CPD sessions.

Two men talking

Learner resources
Guidance and templates for you to download and print.