The challenges we face

Teaching of theory and background knowledge is always difficult - but is a particular challenge for land-based studies. This is highlighted in the 2002-2003 summary of inspection findings:

'The weakest teaching was in lessons on background knowledge. This teaching was considerably worse in land-based subjects than across the area of learning as a whole.'
'The best grades were awarded to classes which mixed theory and practical elements.'

Managing a programme to secure effective links between theory and practice is also a challenge in land-based studies:

'Day-to-day management of courses varied widely between colleges and subjects and was unsatisfactory in about a quarter of subjects inspected.'
'Management of training was a weakness in about a third of training providers. The most common weaknesses were poor planning of training...'

A big factor making things difficult is the range of learners; the wider the range the harder to meet individual needs, particularly when teaching theory topics.

The resources in the pack were developed from a knowledge of land-based learners, their needs and how we might meet them. You can find adaptable versions of the resources in Getting started.