Continuing professional development

This pack provides a flexible set of resources to help teachers and trainers teach soils in engaging ways and these can be found in Getting started, however, the main aim is wider. They are also designed to help teachers, trainers and managers reflect on their performance and initiate improvements. For this to happen the resources need to be introduced into the organisation in a structured way and a continuing professional development session is most suitable for this.

Professional development where you reflect upon your practice can be through:

The most successful programmes are where individual staff work with support from a provider-wide procedure for improving practice. Your Subject Learning Coach can help you achieve this.

The best practice characteristics in each Priority in Getting Better have been used successfully for continuing professional development. They can be used for a one-off event, or for a longer-term approach to improvement, while all three priorities can be used in this way, Teaching theory is particularly suitable for this purpose.

The material in Training events provides an outline programme for continuing professional development based on Priority 1: Teaching theory.