This CD-ROM has been created to help improve the teaching and learning of soils in the land-based sector. You can use it on your own or in a continuing professional development group.

Included on this CD-ROM are:

Learner resources that you can adapt. As well as being about soils, they will give you some possible new approaches to a 'hard to teach' subject. There is guidance on how to use them plus interactive versions of the learner activities.

Continuing professional development resources designed to encourage you to reflect on and improve your teaching. There are downloadable forms containing guidance on things you might consider to improve your practice.

Case studies from teachers and trainers that show how the resources can be used, and the impact they have had on teaching.

Learner resources

Section of a handout

About this project
Find out more about the challenges we face and how to meet them.

Learners using Thrive! materials

Getting started
Guidance for using the learner resources plus templates to download.

Thrive! card

Ideas for using this rich resource for horticulture and agriculture learners.

Teacher and learners

Teachers and trainers
Explore how colleges and work-based providers have used the resources.

Continuing professional development resources

Learner working

Programme managers
Find out what programme managers can do to support the Soils project.

Flower bud opening

Getting better
Get some inspiration for continuing professional development.

The video, audio and interactive activities on this CD-ROM use Macromedia Flash Player 7. If you need to install this plug-in there is an installer in the plug-ins folder on this CD-ROM. Alternatively you can download Flash Player 7 online from the Macromedia website.

To copy the content of this CD-ROM on to an intranet or the hard drive of your computer, double click the CD icon on your desktop or from within My Computer. Select all the files on the CD-ROM and drag-and-drop them into the appropriate directory on your PC or server.

To launch the content from your new location double click the file default.htm.