E-learning overview

E-learning overview


The Lifelong Learning UK definition of e-learning is learning supported or enhanced through the application of information and communications technology.

Further information on e-learning standards can be found on the LLUK website www.lifelonglearninguk.org

When used selectively, e-learning can add significant value to the learning experience of your learners.

Most importantly for language learners, e-learning will provide:

  • a 'gateway' to the culture of taught language; and
  • a stimulating way of practising and reinforcing language skills.

The approaches and activities on this CD-ROM are designed to:

  • help you reflect on the role of e-learning for Modern Foreign Languages
  • develop your technological skills to deliver e-learning for Modern Foreign Languages
  • support you in the teaching and learning of Modern Foreign Languages; and
  • enable you to build up a bank of e-learning resources, which can be adapted to meet your learners' needs and shared with colleagues.

You will find opportunities for e-learning in the guidance notes for all learner activities in the resources, signposted to practical advice on how to develop them.


"The E-learning toolkit is welcomed in terms of the positive impact on teaching and learning and through individual use by teachers and as a CPD tool."
North Warwickshire and Hinkley College