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How these resources can help you

Subject Learning Coaches

Subject Learning Coaches programme

This toolkit is a component of the MFL resources, developed as part of the National Teaching and Learning Change Programme.

The programme brings together the following three enablers to support the transformation of teaching, training and learning for MFL.

  • Subject specific MFL teaching and learning resources, which are contained within this pack.
  • A professional training programme for Subject Learning Coaches, preparing them to provide peer-to-peer coaching and to develop further teaching and learning resources. Your organisation will be invited to nominate an MFL teacher or trainer to become an MFL Subject Learning Coach (SLC); and
  • Subject coaching networks, where SLCs will be able to meet together regularly to share and develop good practice for Modern Foreign Languages. The network meetings will also help foster the development of MFL learning communities and provide SLCs with peer support from a range of different backgrounds.

This model of support in using these teaching and learning resources has been designed according to the research evidence on the most effective ways to support professional development and the sharing of good practice.

Further information on how to become a Subject Learning Coach can be found in the Appendix and on the Quality Improvement Agency website,