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Video - The National Director for Languages

Video transcript

Lid King, National Director for Languages:

Languages and cultural awareness that comes with languages are of critical importance to everybody. That's why in our national languages strategies, we call languages no longer an optional extra but something which is essential for all citizens and none less than in the post 16 and adult sector where languages become so important for peoples personal lives, the contacts they have, the kind of society we live in now, which is multi-cultural and multi-lingual. The work they do and indeed their own pleasure and cultural awareness of the society we live in. We hope that the simulating nature of the ideas contained within these resources will be inspiring to teachers and engaging for learners. Teachers will find new ideas to reflect on their existing practice, to improve their practice and that is clearly going to be of benefit to learners. It's going to improve retention rates and also widen participation.

In this brief video clip, Dr Lid King, the National Director for Languages, stresses the critical importance of Modern Foreign Languages in the post -16 sector.

He strongly endorses the stimulating ideas and approaches, demonstrated in these MFL resources, as inspiring and engaging for teachers, trainers and learners.