Audio files

Audio files


In this section you will find audio files of dialogues in French, German, Spanish and Italian. These can be listened to as individual sentences and phrases, as well as in complete form. There is a transcript with translation into English to accompany each one. You can read these on the pages that follow.

All the audio files and transcripts can be downloaded. Since the dialogues cover a number of commonly used language learning situations, they can be used in many ways. The E-learning in practice and E-learning mini-toolkits in particular will help you apply them in e-learning situations.

You can use them as part of a PowerPoint application. Alternatively, you can copy them into the appropriate folders of a MALTED project and create a variety of activities using that authoring tool. The only restriction is that they are not to be used for commercial gain.

The material has been made available by the University of Hull. The material was originally part of the Encounters series of CD-ROMs, created by the TELL (Technology Enhanced Language Learning) Consortium as part of the Teaching and Learning Through Technology programme for UK universities.

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"The learners gained greater understanding of the rudiments of grammar and how basic language terms can be extended."
Cheadle & Marple Sixth Form College