Interactive learning activities

Interactive learning activities

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The following activities will engage learners as they practice their listening, speaking and writing skills.

There is an English version and one foreign language version for each level.

These scenarios can be downloaded and used in teaching sessions, or be used as a starting point for ideas and activities in other languages. You will find downloadable versions of these activities on the Learner activites toolkit CD-ROM.

Detail of Introductions interactive screen

Beginners - "Introductions"



Detail of Building problems interactive screen

Intermediate - "Building problems"



Detail of Floodtides interactive screen

Advanced - "Floodtides"



"Excellent material that I strongly recommend."
Oaklands College
"I would say that the use of the materials allowed me to take the learners further than they expected."
Itchen College
"This activity allows learners to apply their previous knowledge of vocabulary on the topic and at the same time enables them to learn new work independently, practise their dictionary skills, as well as contribute and learn in a group work situation."
"Being able to work in pairs and compare the work carried out at home (pooling ideas), made them gain confidence."
Thomas Rotherham College
"Adaptable for many topics and at all levels."
Bedfordshire LEA
"The learners gained greater understanding of the rudiments of grammar and how basic language terms can be extended."
Cheadle & Marple Sixth Form College