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1.0About this CD-ROM

Using the CD-ROM

This CD-ROM is designed for you to use over several sessions. You'll get most out of the resource by studying one module at a time, completing the activities and practising the skills.

The CD-ROM shows E2E tutors working with actors playing the part of learners.

We used actors because of the sensitive nature of some of the content and situations that are typical of E2E learners, and to provide the tutors with challenges that allow them to practise their skills. The tutors did not work to scripts, they had to deal with what the 'learners' presented them with, just as in a real-life situation.

Select Meet the experts from the menu on the left to move to the next screen.

An E2E tutorr and "Graham", an actor role-playing the part of a learner engaged in motivational dialogue.

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