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Developing learner activities

My neighbourhood Newcastle College

My neighbourhood

Learners use a variety of materials to build communities populated with individuals and families in order to explore service provision and barriers to its access.

Learners at Sussex Downs College

Virtual work settings

Learners take on work roles in an imaginary work setting. They explore challenging situations and develop employability skills in a safe environment.

Portrait of Kamala

Life stories

Learners explore the lives of Kamala, Tom, Barbara and Daniel. Through this they gain a deeper understanding of individual needs, care values, and professional job roles.

Learner at Addenbrookes hospital

The patient journey

Learners explore effective professional practice by considering the patient's experience. They explore how professional teams and agencies work together to provide patient-centred care.

Sequencing card examples


Learners develop logical thinking skills by considering a personal care task and exploring the consequence of effective and poor practice.